“London Pride” | LGBT+: Love and Equality

Hello guys,

Last week I manage to go to Pride in London, which is exciting and memorable. Why ?! because this is my first time going to this kind of event. Like every other event, you experience and learn something new. So without further ado let’s dive into the story.

Basically, Pride in London is an annual event that exists not only as a celebration since the UK voted to legalise and giving same-sex couples the same legal rights as its counterparts 3 years ago but also as a reminder that there is still work to do, such as challenging prejudices that the LGBT+ community still sadly face on a daily basis.

The event itself lasts for two days (with main events on Saturday) and consist of a parade and some series of live performances. This year, the Pride Parade took place on Saturday 8th of July at 13:00 p.m, and takes 2.3 km routes starting from Regents Street – Westminster.

The best part is…its run by volunteers, which means people of every race, faith, sexualities and genders could participate and come. which makes this thing memorable for me.

That statement might sound a bit odd for some people, but If you came from a country where this kind of celebration would never ever going to happen and being different seen as something corrupt then you know how it feels…The Joy of finally be able to be yourself, to love and to be love, even for a split second.

From proud citizen (young and old) to soldiers, and mayor. They gather and march for a day as a way to show solidarity, to show how they support and care for one and another no matter who and what their sexual orientation is. You learn that love comes in many shapes and ways…

Since It’s a parade, some people do dress up or at least wear an accessory like cape, sunglasses, hats, wings, necklaces, flags, umbrella, even glitter & face paints all in rainbow colour which fun to do.




Apart from the hot nasty weather, I could say that It’s a fun and memorable event. One that I will remember from this year. If I’m excited, you should be excited too, because why not? so…Next year If you are in London on early July, let’s go to this event again.

Before I closed today’s post, Here are some Tips & Tricks for you who are planning to visit Pride in London next year:

  • More about London Design Festival could be found through their websites here
  • If you want to go to the parade, I suggest coming at least an hour early so you can secure your spot (The best spot is either on Regent’s street or Picadilly Circus, across the cupid statue).
  • Do bring water and a bit of snack with you because it’s gonna be a long day and most cafe, restaurant and groceries shop will be full of people.

I think that’s It for today. Kindly share this blog on Facebook, or Twitter if you found this blog useful because sharing is caring and also let’s connect through Instagram @edcharmain  and my Twitter: @edvisored for more update about what happened recently.

Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,


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