“London Life” | CHAPTER 3: Lost Magic

Hello guys,

It’s been ages since my last post on this blog. Usually, my post will review about places, exhibition, or event that I’m visiting, but today post will be different. It’s more like a story time of what happened so far during that 4 months.

let’s just say life has been a complete madness ever since. There are lots of projects going on with quite a lot of change happening on each one of them, so I kinda need to juggle up between one project to another whilst trying to balance my work and personal life (which I fail miserably).

Obviously, It’s not an easy task. The combination of working for almost 24/7, the exhaustion that it creates, and last minutes e-mail update on your time table just kill every creative circuit on your brain. Your artistic mind just completely shutting down…let’s just say you end up being “half-mad”, well not like literally went crazy or nuts. It’s more like having “Losing your magic touch” if you know what I mean…

At that point, I decided to take a step back and reflect and re-think on what I actually do and try to achieve in the first place, The reason behind why I end up on “the big smoke”. I do take a bit of break after several people convince me that It’s fine to do that, not that I’m a workaholic (some people might think I am) but it’s more into anxious I guess.

Long story short, I spend this “calm before storm” moment by wandering around the city, trying new things, meeting and speaking to new persons and just trying to “distance” myself from my works for a split second. It doesn’t mean that I’m neglecting my duty, but more like trying to acknowledge and not constantly judging what I’ve done so far.

I’m happy to say that It actually works, that process not only helps me to clear my mind, and refocus my objective, but also get my heart beats back, so by the end of the terms I could sense that things start to works again, and kinda fall into where I want it to fall.

Well, life is not as bad as what It looks like after all. I could say that all of this struggle means that I’m finally stepping out of my comfort zone and about to start a new journey. In the end, It almost feels like “discovering a lost magic”, rather than losing my very own one.

Anyway, on those 4 months gap, the seasons also change from the end of winter to spring and finally summer. You start noticing that the daylight is much longer (the sun, set around 21:30 now), the flower starts blooming again, plain and dull park start to turn colourful and bright again (which is so magical). not to mention you also start to witness huge numbers of children running around the fountain on Granary Square with whatever they wear on that day because it starts to get hot and sunny again.


Being said that I happily say that I’m having my summer break now. I do still have some works to do, but nonetheless, I hope I could post regularly again on this blog.

I think that’s for now. There will be an LGBTQ Pride in London this Saturday, which sounds exciting and I might talk about that in my next post.

kindly share this blog on Facebook, or Twitter if you found this blog useful because sharing is caring and also let’s connect through Instagram @edcharmain and my Twitter: @edvisored for more update about what happened recently.


Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,


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