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Hello guys,

It’s been 2 months since I made a new post here. Let’s just say life has been pretty crazy this year. I probably already told you guys that I’m doing my MA study now in London, and It has been amazingly hectic, even finding time to catch a breath is hard. You constantly running and thinking about everything, even when you sleep.

Luckily I have a Christmas break, so I could slow down a bit, catching my breath, visiting museum, dating (Maybe), and work on what I left in here before. We already Talk about The London Design Festival on V&A, so that left us with 100% design, design junction, and London Design Fair.

100% design is an Interiors and furniture trade event. This year venue is on Olympia London exhibition centre in West Kensington. The event is ranging from display of new emerging product or technology to a talk show and discussion with some specialist. This trade event offers a unique experience and suitable for architects, designers, specifiers, retailers and developers, as well as multinational companies looking to source directly for their latest projects.


They divided the exhibitor into some groups. The first group is by Region so you could found all specific product an innovation made by a specific region, for example, Argentina, China, South Africa, Sweden,etc. The second group is the category of product that they are made. For example Lights, Door, Floor & coating, etc.

Overall It’s a nice place to look for a design inspiration, no matter what design background are you coming from. It also a good place to study material in terms of what It made from and what It could be transformed into.

As for Designjunction, Located on 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA Designjunction is more than just a trade show, it’s a unique visitor experience offering a wide range of high-class eateries, design led pop-up shops, installations and other interactive features that strike the balance between creative and commercial.

designjunction is a show for the industry, by the industry, with a global presence in three key design cities; London, Milan and New York. It’s a combination between Interior design, a bit of graphic design, and Art & Designer Market.


To be honest, I expect more from this place, especially on the Celebrating Dyslexic design booth because It looks great on their websites, but when I came in turns out It just a small booth in a crumply display. Overall It’s just good. Not bad for inspiration source, but I’m sure they could do better.

on the same area with the designjunction is “Brain Waves”. It’s an Exhibition by University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins, that exhibiting their students’ works from BA Graphic and Textile Design to MA material features, Ceramics, Furniture, and Jewellery Design.


They have some interesting piece, one of their Interesting design work is a Jewellery that made from a soft shell of Crustacean such as Crabs, Lobster, Barnacles, etc. Another one is a Synthetic Oyster Nails, so you don’t need to carry your oyster card with you because It is embed to your Nails.

To sum up, this year London design festival has been pretty much okay. There’s a lot of fun happening, some good learning experience and excitement along the way. It has been a pleasure for me to be able to experience this event this year. I hope next year London Design Festival could be much more interesting, fun, and exciting.

Before I closed today’s post, Here’s some Tips & Tricks for you who are planning to visit London Design Festival next year :

  • More about London Design Festival could be found through their websites here
  • If you are a designer and business owner you could apply for a Trade pass which is Free. don’t forget to bring your name card if you apply for this. You never know what you’ll meet there 😉 .

I think that’s It for today. Kindly share this blog on Facebook, or Twitter if you found this blog useful because sharing is caring and also let’s connect through Instagram or Snapchat @edcharmain  and my Twitter: @edvisored for more update about what happened recently.

Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,


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