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Hello guys,

Today I’ll review my experience during 16/17 London Design Festival.

London Design festival is an annual creative festival that conceived by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans. Its goal is to promote the city’s creativity by drawing in greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to deliver an unmissable celebration of design through collaboration, and show.

This festival as Its name suggests took place in London, usually around mid-September for 1 week time period and spread all across London.

There is 5 main interest for this year Festival, along with approximately 500 city-wide events. Those 4 main interest for me is London Design Festival at V&A, 100% Design, Design Junction, and London Design Fair with furniture and maker dominating this year festival since I found a lot of Interior, Product Design, and Installation things rather than a graphic one.

First stop, London Design Festival at V&A, The star of Brompton design district. V&A hosting  25 Design works and several free and payable workshops, seminars ,discussions and demonstration. Out of 25 design works, there are 3 that become my favourite.

the 1st one is called Foil. The foil Installation is a collaboration project between British design entrepreneur Benjamin Hubert of design agency Layer, with iconic German brand Braun. This installation is approximately 20 x 1.2 metre in size and created from 50.000 mirrors finish stainless steel that beeing set on top of an undulating ribbon and is driven by a high-power German motor in a constant sine-wave motion.

The lights from LEDs reflects on the panelled surface creating a slowly morphing and evocative pattern of scattered light that moving across the walls and ceiling of the gallery. This installation is accompanied by an atmospheric soundscape that emulates the fluid motion of the sculpture and the reflected light.

The shape of the metallic elements is informed by the precision engineered shape of the Braun shaver foil and the movement is inspired by the 360-degree movement of the Braun shaver head.


The 2nd one is called Liquid Marble. The liquid marble is a large black marble sculpture by French multi-disciplinary designer Mathieu Lehanneur. What makes this sculpture special is the fact that the black marble was actually sculpted into a realistic, yet static, representation of the ocean’s movement by using sophisticated 3D software developed for the film industry.This installation is a concrete example that Design is an interconnecting practice. Through that understanding,

This installation is a concrete example that Design is an interconnecting practice. Through that understanding, designer’s could generate a different kind of approach and in the end came up with more creative ideas.


and finally, the last installation that drew my attention is the Elytra Filament Pavilion. The Elytra Filament Pavilion is a commissioned project of V&A that made by experimental architects and engineers Achim Menges, Jan Knippers, Moritz Dörstelmann and Thomas Auer with the support of Volkswagen Group.

The design for this installation is inspired by the filament structures of the forewing shells of flying beetles known as elytra. It was made of glass and carbon fibre where each component of the undulating canopy is produced using an innovative robotic winding technique developed by the designers.

Like beetle elytra, the pavilion’s filament structure is both very strong and very light – spanning over 200m2 it weighs less than 2,5 tonnes.


Of course, there are some more interesting pieces here, but those 3 drew my attention the most not only because It’s massive size, but also because It has a unique concept, treatment, material and well executed.

Before I closed today’s post, Here’s some Tips & Tricks for you who are planning to visit London Design Festival next year, and If you are interested in seeing the other artworks that beeing displayed in V&A during the 2016 London Design Festival :

  • More about London Design Festival could be found through their websites here
  • Other Installation that beeing displayed on V&A could be found through their rundown here

I think that’s It for today, next week we are going to talk more about 100% design, and design junction. Kindly share this blog on Facebook, or Twitter if you found this blog useful because sharing is caring and also let’s connect through Instagram or Snapchat @edcharmain  and my Twitter: @edvisored for more update about what happened recently.

Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,


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