“London Life” | CHAPTER 2: Dawn Of The New Life

Hello guys,

It’s already been 3 months since my last writing and life has been pretty crazy since then. Long story short, now I’m in London doing my MA on Design Jewellery in one of London famous arts University (I’m not gonna tell where of course).

Some part of me still couldn’t believe that I finally made It, but here I am…assembling my new wardrobes, on my new flats, with my flatmates. Some question that people tend to ask me before I fly to London is: “Did you know anyone in London ?” and “Are you prepared to go there and live by yourself ?”. Of course, I am a bit worried about everything but then There’s no point in always questioning things. I think  I just have to do It, and luckily I made some friends during my short course last year and has an opportunity to stroll around London so I’m not all alone and clueless.

Despite that, believe It or not, my life in London has been pretty cool so far. My flatmates are nice and cool, both are French. One studies Bioinformatics and the other studies Computer graphic & science if you wonder. The weather also pretty nice even though It’s getting colder in the evening since It’s Autumn here, but so far It’s not crazily raining like last year.


I’ve been here for 3 weeks more or less. There’s actually an event that I went to on the second week of my London Life, and that event is  “London Design & Fashion week”. I didn’t have an opportunity to go to the Fashion week, but I definitely taste the Design week. It was quite Impressive but we could save the story for next post which would take place every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. London time. Hopefully, I could make it each week because my university schedule could be a bit intense sometimes, But I’ll try my best.

Apart from my London Design week experience I’ll post more about places and stuff that I do or do visit during my stay, so stay tuned for It, and feel free to drop message if you are around or maybe if you are Londoners you could show me some cool places 🙂

I think that’s for now, kindly share this blog on Facebook, or Twitter if you found this blog useful because sharing is caring and also let’s connect through Instagram or Snapchat @edcharmain  and my Twitter: @edvisored for more update about what happened recently.

Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,


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