“Blue Doors Cafe” | RETRO: Live a Colorful Life

Hello guys,

In the past few years, Coffee culture has become a trend and turn into havoc in Indonesia, every month at least one new coffee shop is born somewhere out there in Indonesia. One of the city in Indonesia that prospers with coffee shops is Bandung. With those amount of coffee shop of course choosing which one to visit is not easy things,

Located on Jl. Gandapura No.61, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Blue Doors is a small cafe established on June 2014 by Architect Christian Wijaya & Anton Setiadarma. Inspired by Melbourne Coffee Culture, this two decided to make a pop-up coffee shop named “Chez Moka” in 2013 which later become the foundation of Blue Doors.

This coffee shop has a retro-rustic concept, with an indoor and outdoor area (which is my favourite). In the Indoor area, you could found many stencil artworks and hand lettering words decorating Its wall and corner while the outdoor was equipped with an iron bar porch and green creepers plant that perfect for a sunny day visit.

Finding this cafe is not easy things, especially if you are visitors because not like the other cafe in Bandung, This one have relatively small and hidden spaces. But no worries you could simply Google Map It. The cafe is on the right side of the interior shop that could be recognised from their signature door which as the name imply, painted in Blue colours.

Blue Doors-01

Usually, a good cafe always has a homey atmosphere, and so do blue doors. Usually, the word “Homey” translated into clean, comfortable, and welcoming interiors which are your typical cafe that you regularly bump into nowadays, but blue doors turn that concept into something else. They mixed rough architecture finishing with a touch of stencil artworks, retro property, and hand lettering words which represent “Home” as a place where you could be yourself and a place where creativity and interaction born, after all, It is always a good idea to live a colourful life right.

Overall I enjoy my visit here, even though It has relatively small space Its consider enough to satisfied your craving. They also have a friendly and helpful barista. It’s a perfect gate away from busy city life and chirping technology social media notification :-/.

Before I closed today’s post, Here’s some Tips & Tricks for you who are planning to spend a night or maybe just visiting Blue Doors Cafe:

  • This store is open every day, from  09:00 a.m. – 21:00 p.m.
  • Price range for its room start from 20.000 IDR – 35.000 IDR depends on your chosen drinks and type of brewing.
  • This place doesn’t provide WiFi connection, so you’d better start talking with your friends :-).

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Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,

Your Edvisored



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