“Roaster & Bear” | BEAR: Happiness On It

Hello guys,

Nowadays, opening a cafe, restaurant, or coffee shop isn’t new things. It has become more and more familiar and slowly turned into a culture.

This phenomena lead to a numerous amount of so-called “cafe, coffee shop, and restaurant” open here and there, and often with the same concept that leads to what I called “Hunger Games”, where the one who had vision, mission and uniqueness gains attention & popularity and in the end, came out as a winner.

One of the participants who successfully gains people’s attention and popularity in the past few months is Roasters and Bears in Jogjakarta.

Located just next to Harpers Hotel at Jalan P. Mangkubumi No.52, Jetis, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55233 Roaster and Bear is a two-story restaurant that came up with “Coffee Lounge and Kitchen” concept with Shabby industrial chic style, and serve not only Local Fusion – Western cuisine but also coffee.

As the name imply, this restaurant mainly decorated with many kinds of bears from your regular bear to panda bear and polar bear mural.

Not to mention they also have a humongous teddy bear sitting on one of Its sitting area at 1st floor, and since the first day has become its mascot and the centrepiece of happiness and fun among the children and girls who visit this places.

Roaster and Bear-01

Regarding ambience this restaurant is a winner, It has a spacious area with really cosy lighting and welcoming interiors.

The one thing that I might want to change is their clear plastic chair, any other than that It’s a perfect place especially for an Instagram user because It provides beautiful lighting and perfect environment as Its background.

Regarding food and drinks, like what I have mentioned before this restaurant serves local fusion – Western cuisines such as Mie Goreng Jawa, iga pedas-manis, Spaghetti al Nero con salmon, salmon panini, RIB eye wagyu steak, various salads, soups, and one of girl best friends dessert.

For their Drinks, they have your daily pressed juice, freshly brewed coffee, milk based drinks, and of course tea and water.

Service is excellent, It wasn’t that hard to found someone when you need help with orders and things (even though they had a large area).

Food is perfectly cooked, seasoned, and plated, but their drinks…is just okay, It is still good and drinkable, but doesn’t deliver enough taste (no offense).

Overall  It is an excellent restaurant that not only had a great ambience, service, and food but also able to live up Its name and sold them self to the public.

It’s indeed a fun and cosy place to spend your day with, so you might want to put this restaurant to your must try place if you are “in” or “going to” visit Yogyakarta.

Before I closed today’s post, Here’s some Tips & Tricks for you who planning to visit Roaster and Bear:

  • This restaurant opens every day, generally from 11:00 a.m. – 23:00 p.m. (Friday closed at 24:00 p.m.)
  • Morning-afternoon is the best day to visit, especially if you are looking for good natural lighting for your picture.
  • Price range for its food and drinks start from 20.000 IDR – 100.000 IDR.
  • I highly recommended you to try their Portobello au gratin, nachos, and BBQ baby back ribs.
  • There might be some promo ongoing, so it would be better to check their Instagram

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Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,

Your Edvisored

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