“Lokal Restaurant” | LOCAL: Empowering People

Hello guys, As we know, Residence and Restaurant business have gained Their popularity in the past few years. We could saw a numerous amount of Cafe, coffee shop, boutique hotel, or villa prospers in almost every big city, and often It was either empower or involved local people and local community. One of Its examples is “Lokal Hotel & Restaurant”. Located on Jalan Jembatan Merah … Continue reading “Lokal Restaurant” | LOCAL: Empowering People

“Greenhost” | SUSTAINABILTY: Living Wise

Hello guys, Environmental related subject has become a widespread issue in the few decades. Start with global warming, illegal logging, ocean contamination, etc. This situation, of course, sparks a different kind of opinion and often this view lead to a particular movement such as improving a sustainability of resources or developing an eco-friendly product, but what if you could embody both in one entity ?! wouldn’t … Continue reading “Greenhost” | SUSTAINABILTY: Living Wise

“Roaster & Bear” | BEAR: Happiness On It

Hello guys, Nowadays, opening a cafe, restaurant, or coffee shop isn’t new things. It has become more and more familiar and slowly turned into a culture. This phenomena lead to a numerous amount of so-called “cafe, coffee shop, and restaurant” open here and there, and often with the same concept that leads to what I called “Hunger Games”, where the one who had vision, mission and uniqueness gains … Continue reading “Roaster & Bear” | BEAR: Happiness On It

“Adhisthana” | INDIE: More Than Just a Brick

Hello guys,

Traveling has been something popular to do in the past few years, Thousands of people start to travel to various destination each year for many different reason, either for business reason, backpacking in order to explore and experience new things, or Leisure traveling to take a break from hectic and stressful city life’s . This phenomena resulting in the prosperous amount of what we known as “Boutique or Budget Hotel” start to flourishing here and there. Continue reading “Adhisthana” | INDIE: More Than Just a Brick

“The Cabin Coffee Bar” | CABIN: Rest, Relax, Renew

Hello guys,

While travel to Jogjakarta using car, you’ll pass a small town called Magelang. I heard that recently there was a new place open in Magelang that could be your ideal place to Rest, Relax, and Renew. So while I was “passing by” that day, It might be a good idea to try this new places. Continue reading “The Cabin Coffee Bar” | CABIN: Rest, Relax, Renew