“Coffee & Beyond” | COFFEE: Passion, Culture & Life

Hello guys,

In past few months, coffee shop and cafe has become a trend, especially in Pekalongan. There are a lot of coffee shop and cafe popping up here and there around the city.

From so many options that available, there are several cafe that caught my attention. One of that cafe is Coffee & Beyond. Continue reading “Coffee & Beyond” | COFFEE: Passion, Culture & Life

“Pekalongan” | BATIK: Pattern Of Life

Hello guys,

Have you ever heard about P-E-K-A-L-O-N-G-A-N ?…some of you might be familiar, and some of you might be clueless about those name. In fact not many Indonesian people know what It is or where It was, so let’s use this moment to know a bit about a city where Its resident life and history, was wrote on the top of fabric. Continue reading “Pekalongan” | BATIK: Pattern Of Life