“Around London” | EPILOGUE: One Last Time

Hello guys,

Today’s post would be my last London post and marked the end of 2015 writing.

On my last days in London, what I really do is wander for one last time through all of the places in London that I have visited so far, because after this I might be or might not be able to come back to this location again, and I know that somehow I’ll miss this place.

Doing a short course and short stay here definitely one of my best moment and decision that I made this year. London has been great and kind to me; I’m grateful that I could experience all of this things, met and made new connections with many beautiful souls here.

There was nothing much to tell about in this post; I’ll just feature some places that I passed by, and give you guys a glimpse of my story for this year.


I never dreamed of being designer or blogger or something else before. I was an empty shell who only try to exist, a physical body which soul was in a dormant state.

I started to think about “Who I am? What have I been doing so far? And what I want to be ?” Five years ago when my dad passed away due to his sickness.

That moment feels like I was lost my Instruction book somewhere out there, and It was my first “lifetime crisis”. Trying to figure what should I do now, which direction that I should take, who is my friend and who isn’t, etc.

I have never been outgoing persons or a happy jolly extrovert individual in the first place. I was pretty much an introvert who doesn’t like to be in a crowded place, a shy person that enjoy to be alone.

But somehow It doesn’t feel right that year; I realised that I need to change It somehow. Slowly but sure there was an urge to be out there, It feels like that I could found the answer to my questions out there, so I start to make a little trip, start with travelling to the nearest district, somewhere in my hometown where I have been to a long time ago.

From that small experience, I realised that this world was like a book. Every place, district, city, country or continent resemble each chapter, pages, illustration, and text that build that book, because of that I start to travel, one place at a time every year and created my story book.

Travelling for me has been the best way to feel everything that needs to be feel, from jolly happy things too sad and nerve wrecking things.It was a process that made us alive and gives a better understanding of who we are and who we are not, a process that helped me acknowledge of who I am, what I am, and where I am going to be.

Travelling also helped me to understand people and the world around me. Through travel, I meet and be friends with many kinds of individual, each with their unique personality. It changed my perspective about people and helped me to open up little by little.

Everything in this world change, and so do I. I’m not the same person with who I was five years ago. I’m not that timid, and shy person who is afraid to make a mistake anymore… trying to become a warrior, not a worrier for myself. Even though I still worried about things sometimes:-/ but yeah that was why I made friends and have friends right ?!

This year has been wonderful for me. In the future I would love to travelling more, still designing and continuing this blog and see what happened. As long as there was one person who enjoyed my post, either on Instagram or this blog, and as long as there was one person who found this “things” useful, I’ll continue to write. I hope. It won’t become only a job or a task that I need to do, because that would be the saddest thing, like losing your heart or soul while trying to stay alive.

Hopefully, my story could inspire you all. It has been an incredible 9-month journey here, Merry 2015 Christmas and happy 2016. May 2016 sparkling with fun, bursting with joy, and cracking with laughter !! Have a blast !!

That’s for today, kindly share this blog on Facebook, or Twitter if you found this blog useful, because Sharing is caring and also follow Instagram @edcharmain or @edvisored and my newborn Twitter: @edvisored for blog update and announcement if there’s a re-schedule post.

Cheers !! 😉

Kind Regards,

Your Edvisored.

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