“London & High Holborn” | BELIEVE: Live Today To The Fullest

Hello guys,

I went to London for two months, so let’s talk about my London trip.

I used Emirates to fly From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta (CGK) Heathrow International Airport London (LHR) it was a ±19 hour flight including transit in Dubai (my plane got delayed for almost 8 hours in Dubai).

This journey is the longest plane journey that I ever had in my travel-log so far and not looking forward to having something like this happened again soon. Because it’s a little bit weird to realise that you are still on the same date after almost 24+ hour journey.

Let’s proceed to the next day when I was already in London and ready to start my day. Because I need to do some registration regarding my short course today at UAL administration office in High Holborn, so let’s explore this day in Holborn.

Holborn is a nice place because they still have this old English look, a little bit renaissance, medieval and Victorian baroque buildings. Well, at least, that’s amazing for me because It’s my first time here and I love the medieval, Baroque and Victorian style.

One of the attractive building that stands up high in this road is this the old prudential building. hard to believe It belongs to prudential, I didn’t really noticed that up till I saw “Prudential Assurance” was written on the wall. I thought It was some administration office, post office or something like that at first.

High holborn & Inn Of Court-01

I don’t really walk that far today since I’m still a bit tired from the long hour flight, and also super hungry. They say while in London eat “Pies”, that’s might be a good idea because there’s this bar that serves a really delicious pie nearby, and that bar is The Inn of court.

Located in 18 Holborn, London EC1N 2LE, Inn of Court served fantastic homemade pies and perfectly conditioned, award-winning ales. This is how the inside looks like, it’s once an old bailiff’s office, the place is quite packed and well decorated. they have a really polite staff too.

nothing beats good service. no matter how good your food and place is, if your service is bad, it will become MEH !!  I was actually here with my sister, and mother. They went here for vacation around 7 days I think.

We are quite hungry at this state, so we decided to order some food as soon as we are in our table. For food, We ordered: Chicken, Ham hock & Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew Pie with light cream sauce (£12.50)and ESB-Marinated Chicken Breast in Beer & mustard sauce (£11.50). While for drinks, well it’s too early to drink beers so We ordered some English tea (£2.50) for 1 pot with 1 cup and a tiny bottle of milk.

Overall experience is great here, The pie crust and the chicken breast cooked really well, the sauce have a really nice texture and balanced flavor. Great food, great ambiance and great service. I highly recommended this place for lunch, afternoon snack or dinner if you wander around high Holborn in London.

If you are wonder why this post was named BELIEVE: Live today the fullest, that’s actually a promise I made to my father before he passed away, to believe in myself, not to fear things, start seeing the world and live my life to the fullest so I won’t regret anything.

Going to travel the world and visiting London is what I really want to do from a long time ago. and this is actually my first time traveling alone, so it’s a bit scary at first because I don’t know how the city looks like, the people, etc. But I believe that there’s something that I could learn from my trip, so why not give It a try right ?!

Before I closed today’s post, Here’s some Tips & Tricks for you who planning to visit London:

  • If you are traveling to London and didn’t have any idea where to live, Ibis Hotel Euston will bee great choice because it’s located near the Euston tube station, and it also have a nice clean room with the average room rate, compare to other hotels in London. I do not suggest you to live in small in and some unknown named hotel because you never know the hygiene and the service.
  • For transportation, I didn’t recommend you to use a taxi. because the rate is quite high. and be careful if you ride a taxi. only ride the black cab and authorized mini cab. don’t just grab any taxi on the corner of the street or hop on the one outside the bar, because it isn’t saved and un-track. Use it only in an urgent situation and use it wisely.
  • There’s an app for Android and IOS called cab wise to book your Black cab and Mini Cab. The black cab has meters, it costs around £ 45 – 70 for Heathrow to Central London, as for Minicab doesn’t have meters, so you must make a deal about the price before you go.
  • Bus and Tube have a more friendly price. well actually bus is the cheapest, but don’t bother to ride it in rush hour. it’s quite full and can be a little bit uncomfortable (Especially when they have tube strikes).
  • To ride bus and tube, you need an oyster card it’s a London transportation card. you can buy it in any main underground station with ticket & assistance counter. they have it in Heathrow international airport. If you only plan to visit London for a week, a weekly pass is what I recommended. they charge around £ 25 for one oyster card with £ 20 balance on it.
  • There’s also an app that you could use to plan your journey called “Tube Map London Underground” released by Visual It Limited. what I like about this apps is it can be used offline, and it really help because there’s no signal once you are in the underground station.
  • As for the more accurate journey planner, you could simply visit tfl.gov.uk there you can plan your journey, either with a bus, national train, tube, walk, bicycle, etc.
  • I’m not going to give you any Tube map because it is available in every station counter in mini 3 fold brochure form. after all, you have apps with you. don’t bother to read the tube map, it wasn’t that user-friendly and quite confusing because it has so many line and branch.
  • For SIM card, you can choose between O2, orange, or 3. and don’t bought one from vending machine on the airport. It’s more expensive and didn’t have any free call or mobile data package with it. find the official store in the city, after all, you won’t don’t simply die, living without an internet connection for awhile. I personally recommend you to use 3 because they have the pay as you go unlimited internet access for € 20, and they have the best coverage so far.

That’s for today, Comment below or maybe simply share it on Facebook, or Twitter, and don’t forget to follow Instagram @edcharmain and @gracianikanesia for more travel picture. Feel free to drop by and say hi, I’d love to hear from you guys. Cheers from London !!

Kind Regards,

Your Edvisored.

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