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We didn’t do any dive today because it’s important to release all of the nitrogen that resides in our body after do some dive trip. It’s better not to do any dive 18+ hour before your flight, or else you could get a Decompression symptom, so today schedule is a One-day land trip around Manado. First, stop Tomohon.

It is a city in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Tomohon was a part of the Minahasa Regency in North Sulawesi. It officially becomes a city in 2003 by the passage of the Act of Republic Indonesia No. 10 of 2003 about the establishment of South Minahasa Regency and Tomohon city within North Sulawesi Province and was inaugurated on August 4, 2003.

Tomohon Itself is located in the mountainous area of North Sulawesi, so by its location, It has a cooler temperature than Manado, thus, it is well known for its flower planting. Tomohon is also known for its wooden house production, palm-sugar (are) production, vegetable agriculture, the centre of Christian Ministry, and as a student town.

If you visit Tomohon, make sure to visit their famous traditional market, Pasar Berman. From the outside it looks like a usual traditional market that you could found in every city or town, They sold fruit, beans, spices, house needs, traditional snacks, and clothes. But if you go deeper, you could find this “Extreme Culinary” things that they are well known.

The“Extreme Culinary” things include Dog meat, Giant Bat meat, Cat Meat, Fish, Snake meat, Forest Mouse meat, Boar meat, Biawak meat, etc. Name it and you can found it here. If you plan to go vegetarian, this would be the best place to visit because after you go to this market, you’ll 98.5% loss appetite to eat meat. I’m not going to post any picture of this things because it’s simply not a pleasant view to share.

Manado Land Trip-01-01

After That, we had our lunch in Tumou Tou restaurant and continue our journey to Bukit Kasih in Kanonang Village, Kawangkoang ± 30 minutes from where we are now.

It’s a Natural Brimstone Hill, Where all people from different religions can gather and worship in the lush tropical and misty hills because this place has five worship houses: Catholic Church, Christian Church, Buddhist Temple, Moslem Mosque, and Hindu Temples. It’s a place for inter-religious harmony.

Apart from that this place is a beautiful place to relaxed, because it has a natural hot spring resources, where we could dip our feet in and get some massage while eating grilled corn, boiled banana or sweet potatoes.

It’s five days full of excitement for my sister and me. After a stressful and hectic city lives, this trip is a perfect light to refresh and to relax our mind, giving some new point of view, and also reminders of how exciting life can be.

Before I closed today’s post, Here’s some Tips & Tricks for you who planning to make Manado Land Trip:

  • For this Land trip, I used La Rascasse Land Trip service; Pice Varied depends on how many person are there in your groups.
  • If you are an animal lover, and soft-hearted kind, loving care person it’s better not to visit Pasar Bergman due to what you’ll find there.
  • If you are planning to visit Tomohon, I suggest visiting in early August, because they held The International Flower Festival (TIFF) there. It’s an excellent festival to attend.
  • Tumou Tou restaurant is a perfect place to had a lunch if you arrived at Tomohon around lunch hour. It’s a floating restaurant located near Tondano lake. This restaurant offering local food with a mesmerising view of Tondano Lake and Mount Lokon. It’s a perfect place to have lunch with friends or family.
  • If you went to Tumou Tou, and you are a seafood lover I recommend you to try their: Grilled fish, oKolombi (a snail that lives in Tondao lake), Nike (minced fish fritter/croquette), Calamary and Tumis Bunga Pepaya (Pan Fried Papaya Flower).
  • Do careful if you visit Bukit Kasih because some site has an active glacier that sprayed hot boiling water and sulphur gas.
  • More information regarding Accommodation, Tourist area, Diving resorts and things can be accessed from “Visiting Manado for Traveler”. I found that web helpful, especially if you are a “lone wolf” traveller.

That’s for today, make sure to follow Instagram @edvisored for more information about the place. And follow my personal instagram@edcharmain & my sisters @gracianikanesia for another travel picture.

Best Regards,

Your Edvisored

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