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Hello guys,

Compared to the first day, second-day schedules is a bit more dense, so I’ll break it into three parts. Our first stop would visit kimchi school to make kimchi and wearing hanbok, but I didn’t take any picture of it, because of how hectic and dirty my hand was that morning. So let’s proceed to my next destination “The Trick Eye Museum”.

Located in the lively Hongdae district at the second basement floor of the Homi-hwabang building (357-1, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea), The Trick-eye Museum is an art gallery with paintings created using ‘”rompe l’oeil'” techniques that give each 2D art piece the illusion of being in 3D.

Instead of merely viewing paintings, visitors can interact with the paintings by posing with the artworks, so It looks as if they are part of the original work. It’s the same Trick Eye Museum you found in Singapore, China, & Thailand, what makes it different is the artwork that displayed there because it was made by local artist. Here’s a map to help you, because it’s quite confusing once you enter the museum due to many artworks that they have and crowds that day.

It’s open every day from : 09:00 a.m. – 21:00 p.m.

Entry tickets rate varied depends on the age and participant (Ice & Love Museum Included):

  • Adults (age 19+)                                    : 15,000 won
  • Adults (Group 20 + person)                   : 11,000 won
  • Children & Youth (age 18 and under)   : 12,000 won
  • Children & Youth (Group 20+ person)  :    8,000 won

This place was super duper crowded especially on the weekend and public holiday, so it’s quite hard for me to take a good picture, but somehow I managed to capture some picture with my sister helps.

Trick Eye Museum-01

There should be a better lighting placement and move space in this museum because some of the artworks get a little bit of lights exposure on it, and no flash allowed (I assumed it could damage the artwork due to the heat wave that camera flash produce), so it doesn’t turn out well. But overall itis good to be here.

Like what I mention before, This museum also on the same buildings with Ice Museum and Love museum ( the only participant with age 21+ can enter love museum because it displays some “xxx” installation) but I didn’t take any picture of Love museum because my parents were there with me, and it would be super awkward to do that.

Before I closed today’s post, Here’s some Tips & Tricks for you who planning to Trick Eye Museum Korea:

  • If you are planning to do the Korea trip “solo” but didn’t have any idea where to go, what to eat, and where to stay, this web might be helpful for you. You could find a detail information about accommodation, event/festivals, attractions, food, etc. in Korea, so it might give you some clue about where to visit, when, and what to expect.
  • You could access Trick Eye Museum from Hongik University Station Exit 9. Here’s Some map from their website and direction to help you


  1. Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 9.
  2. Go straight 150m, cross the road, and turn left on to Hongik-ro Street.
  3. Go straight 120m, and turn right down the second side street (in between TONYMOLY and Holika).
  4. Continue going 100m to arrive at Trickeye Museum on the right.

That’s for today, make sure to follow Instagram @edvisored for more information about the place. And follow my personal instagram@edcharmain & my sisters @gracianikanesia for another travel picture.

Best Regards,

Your Edvisored

4 thoughts on ““Trick Eye Museum” | OPTICAL: Trick Or Trip

  1. Hello, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum in Seoul and hope you had great time with us. We’ve recently opened our blog for English speaker and we would like to share some of your photo in our blog. If it’s ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! 🙂


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