ABOUT: You Only Live Once

Hello guys,

My name is Ed, I am an Indonesian full-time Designer and part time blogger. My design concentration is Visual Communication / Jewellery Design.

Working as a designer can be quite a pressure sometimes. It requires me to stay creative and updated, so there was always a need to either attending both International and Local Exhibition or Design week or having a short time break to update and refreshing your mind, from hectic designer life.

In other words, Sometimes I have to travel to other City / Region / Country and It is definitely a scary thing to do at first, not only because you are in an unfamiliar world or place, but you also have to try to talk to strangers, but they say

“you only lived once, and once is enough if you do it right”

So…an ideas about travelling to new places and meeting new people sound like a good start. I never thought It was going to be amazing to be able to know many different kinds of people with their background and jobs.

By travelling I learned how to be more social and flexible, It has helped me expand my worldview, pushed myself to the limit by eating a new food, learned a new culture, languages, etc. Travelling not only refreshing my mind from my hectic design life but also reminds me of who I truly am.

Travelling keeps me sane and true to myself, It constantly reminds me that things get better. Long story short, the more I travel, the more I know and try new things. so I decided to make an online journal in order to share my travel moments with all people in the world.

I named this blog Edvisored from words Advisor means “One that advises” because this blog will give you some travel advice (Place of interest, Activity to do, etc) based on my own “experiences”.

I never write any kind of blog or review before, all I’ve ever done is mainly writing a project proposal, client presentation, small essay, and some e-mail response, so I’m a little bit excited and scared to see what will happen.

Hopefully, this blog could live its name by providing some useful information that could help many people out there.

well, that’s for today !!

Kind regards,

Your Edvisored.

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